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The Psagot winery is located in the northern region of the Jerusalem mountains, an area ripe with awe-inspiring remnants of biblical-era vineyards and wineries. During the vineyard’s construction, an ancient cave from the Hasmonean Dynasty period was discovered, and in it, a coin dating back to the Great Revolt of 73–66 BC. The coin’s front face is stamped with the words “For Freedom of Zion” and adorned with a vine leaf, while the back face reads “Year Two” (to the Revolt), alongside an image of an amphora – an ancient container used for storing wine. That coin embodies the essence of our story, and its image is born upon a selection of our wines. For us, the coin is a reminder of our deep connection to the earth and to our roots. As we walk through the vines, we hear the echoes of our ancestors, experts in their time, who made the finest wines for the temples of Jerusalem and emperors of Rome as early as two millennia ago.

From The Winery

The Psagot winery was founded in 2003 and has been growing ever since.

Planted upon the chalky terraces of the Binyamin region, the Psagot winery and its vineyards are part of a long-established tradition of settlement and winemaking in an area renowned for its exceptional vine-growing conditions.

The winery was founded in 2003 and has been growing ever since. Each year, the winery produces  more than 350,000 bottles from a range of 11 different wines, 70% of which is exported to dozens of countries worldwide. Psagot wines have won prestigious medals and awards worldwide, and they continue to dazzle international judges and audiences alike year after year.

Our winemaking facility and storage chamber, where over 600 barrels are aged each year, are housed inside a gorgeous stone structure overlooking Wadi Qelt and the mountains of Edom. The unique structure is also home to our exciting visitor center, where groups and individuals are invited to take part in guided tours, attend conferences and seminars, and enjoy the sensuous atmosphere, stunning panoramic views, and, of course, some very fine wine – all a short 15-minute drive north of Jerusalem.