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Project Vintage 2.0

Where to begin? 

It's amazing how far the kosher wine world has evolved. Truth be told, the revolution of the last ten to fifteen years is the real inspiration behind the Vintage project. Revolution 2.0... the next chapter in our wine world.  

Looking back over the last decade working (and living) in the wine industry, so many emotions, memories and friends come to mind. We can't not help but remember some of the pioneers in our wine world and would be wrong not to acknowledge their profound impact. 

It is surely not possible to begin without recognizing Rogov...

Rogov was unique in that he took a systematic approach to tasting and rating wines that you would normally find in the non kosher wine world (didn't exist back then in kosher).  

Rogov authored hundreds of newspaper articles as Israel's top food and wine critic. His wine forum 'Rogov's Place' on Stratsplace, was a repository for tasting notes, ratings and drinking windows for the small group of a few hundred dedicated followers (to name a few, David Raccah, Andrew Breskin, Jonathan Tabak, Yossie Horowitz (wine writer and critic par excellence) and so many others. Rogov always managed to constantly answer requests for tasting notes almost immediately, along with posting his follow up tastings throughout the years and to confirm his "drinking windows".  

Rogov passed in September 2006, you can read the eulogy he wrote for himself on the forum

While we are purveyors of fine wine and spirits for over a decade, that's not why we invested the time and energy to make Vintage a reality.  We wanted to create a platform that is a reference for technical wine information, a foundry for previous wines and to preserve accurate information. Using our resources from over the years in the industry, we hope to have created a repository of information for past vintages, access to properly cellar'd wines and current offerings.  We truly hope that regardless of where you fill your glass from, everyone will feel welcome to add information when possible.  If you've tasted a wine from a wine club and have a review, a comment or feel you have an updated drinking window please share it with the community. If you see a mistake, call us out on it :)  

Your brothers in wine,

The Vintage Team