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One of the reasons behind vintage as a whole is not just to sell, but is to create a database and archive for tasting notes and wine information.  To do so we have created a forum style in the spirit of Rogov's Placeand to continue to bring his legacy as the most influential Israeli wine & food critic to the world, by allowing access to our platform.  Feel free to comment, ask questions (answer questions) add to, discuss and chat and for sure let us know if something is not accurate.  If there is a tasting note to add please feel free to post, if you would like to request one just post a request.  If a vintage is no longer available we would like to be able to archive the vintage product so it can always be accessed and update drinking windows etc...  If you are a wine lover and interested in becoming a moderator (adding critic notes, pics, articles...) just give us a shout out!

By allowing the wine loving community to be able to interact with our staff, the wineries staff that we work with, our other customers, wine critics and even just perusers... we truly hope to foster a home for cataloging past, present and future wines.  Ultimately, we will allow the entire community (blogs, social media and other retail sites) that may wish to access wine info, to embed all knowledge, pics, notes etc. through the platform as a trusted source for kosher wine information.

We have left comments to be able to go up in real time, assuming the best in everyone as well as to allow the community to moderate itself and report any issues.  We truly hope that we can keep it real and not have to manually approve comments.  So here's some general rules... blah blah blah

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