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About yatir

On the hillsides of the Negev, rising to the Judean Mountains, superb plots of land were selected by determined and professional pioneer vine-growers for growing quality grapes, thus reviving an ancient specialized tradition of thousands of years. The spirit of the encounter between man and earth, in the space between the snow and the sun is materialized by winemakers who are in love with this artwork and who use the best possible equipment to realize this vision. The Yatir Winery set a goal for itself to give emphasis to the singularity of the region in its wines. This Yatir character brings pride to the winemakers and is derived from planted vineyards soaring high and from the dry and cold desert frontier night climate that makes the growing region (terroir) extremely special and unique. The Winery’s vine-growers and winemakers are fully committed and devoted to achieving products of the highest quality, starting with selecting the best land plots, to the cultivation of the grape varieties, and through to the harvesting process, fermentation, the aging of the wine and the bottling process – all performed with the most innovative technologies and equipment.

The Team