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Abe Bowman Double Barrel 100 proof Limited Edition



Abraham Bowman Virginia whiskey is named after Abraham Bowman, a prominent figure in Virginia's history. He was a soldier, statesman, and pioneer in the late 18th century. The whiskey brand pays tribute to his legacy and the rich distilling heritage of Virginia.

What sets Abraham Bowman Virginia whiskey apart is its focus on small-batch, handcrafted production methods. The distillery takes pride in using traditional techniques to create unique and high-quality spirits. They source their ingredients locally and age their whiskey in charred oak barrels to develop distinct flavors.

Abraham Bowman Virginia whiskey offers a range of expressions, including bourbon, rye, and limited-edition releases. Each expression has its own flavor profile and aging characteristics. The brand has gained recognition for its craftsmanship and has received numerous awards and accolades in the whiskey industry.