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Beaune Premier Cru Belissand 2020

Fruity and powerful

Beaune Premier Cru Belissand Aegerter is a young wine with a ruby red color of beautiful shine. The nose is powerful, revealing an aromatic concentration of red and black fruits. This wine is both gourmand and supple, generous and powerful. Deep spirit notes develop as the wine ages.

The history of the Aegerter estate began in 1994 when Jean-Luc Aegerter acquired 7 hectares of vines in the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges, in Côte-d'Or. His son Paul joined him in 2001, already the owner of several companies. Thanks to his creative spirit, the latter brings a breath of fresh air and develops a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the reputation of the house. After the launch of the vintage “Les Enfants terribles”, which is a blend of wines from the South, he surprised more than one. It doesn't stop there. In 2009, he launched “Les Jolies Filles”, a rosé whose silhouette evoking the little black dress of French women quickly seduced. At the same time, Paul expanded his distribution network by focusing on airport sales. In just seven years, its turnover has exploded. One of the most prestigious vintages from Aegerter costs around 800 euros, an exceptional Montrachet!

Strictly kosher, not mevushal.

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