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Benhaim VHS Mythos Petite Sirah & Merlot

Dive into the cinematic allure of Benhaim VHS Mythos Petite Sirah & Merlot, a compelling blend that unites the intensity of Petite Sirah with the velvety charm of Merlot. Dark berries, plum, and a touch of mocha create an aromatic tapestry, while the palate reveals a bold, structured character with flavors of black cherry, cocoa, and a hint of vanilla. The finish is smooth and lingering, a testament to the seamless blending of these varietals into a captivating narrative of flavor and finesse. Each sip is a scene, inviting you to indulge in the cinematic experience crafted within each bottle.

Details: Non-mevushal / 750ml / Kosher
Nose: Rich with dark berries and mocha.
Palate: Bold with black cherry and cocoa.
Finish: Smooth and lingering finesse.

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