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Elite Arak 80 KFP

A taste of home

Elite Arak 80 KFP stands as a testament to the esteemed heritage of the Elite brand, known for its unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional arak. With a legacy rooted in tradition and quality, Elite has become synonymous with authenticity and refinement in the world of spirits. The 80-proof variant, following kosher dietary guidelines, showcases Elite's dedication to providing a premium arak experience while catering to a wider audience. This expression, with its distinctive elegance, reflects the brand's ongoing pursuit of excellence, making Elite Arak 80 KFP a true symbol of craftsmanship and tradition.


Details: 40% ABV / 750ml 
Nose: A crisp and anise-forward aroma, delivering an inviting scent with traditional nuances.
Palate: Pronounced anise flavors complemented by subtle herbal notes.
Finish: Clean and refreshing, leaving a lingering essence of anise that defines the distinctive character.
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