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Kafroun Masada Arak

Arak is known to have existed since the beginning of distillation itself, and is still widely consumed in in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Turkey and Iran. Arak Masada Production Distillation begins with mature high-quality grapes, with low irrigation to enhance the concentration of flavors. Harvest takes place in September and October. Grapes are crushed, the juice is placed in barrels together with anise and fermented for several weeks.

Arak is produced from a grape brandy that undergoes a second distillation mixed with aniseeds. The brandy is initially produced from very ripe grapes that are occasionally slightly dehydrated by the sun to concentrate sugar content. High-quality arak may be distilled a third time and then left to age in clay amphoras prior to bottling. 

Akin to other anise-spirits, arak is often served diluted with water or ice, creating a cloudy appearance in the glass. This is because anise-based spirits contain oils called terpenes of which become insoluble when diluted below 30 percent ethanol. This is known as the louching effect. If ice is added without water, terpenes will precipitate and an aesthetically unpleasant layer will form on the surface. 

750 ML. 50% ABV 

Strictly Kosher