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Leroux Triple Sec 1L

Elevate your libation experience with Leroux Triple Sec 1L, a testament to the art of citrus-infused liqueurs. This generous-sized bottle unveils a vibrant and clear elixir that beckons with the promise of refined flavor. The aroma is a lively burst of orange zest, offering a tantalizing preview of the citrus symphony within. On the palate, the liqueur delivers a perfect balance of sweetness and zesty brightness, with notes of ripe oranges dancing harmoniously. Whether enjoyed in classic cocktails, as a flavorful addition to desserts, or as a standalone sipper over ice, Leroux Triple Sec ensures a versatile and delightful drinking experience. The finish is a lingering essence of citrus elegance, leaving a refreshing and memorable trail. Leroux Triple Sec 1L is not just a liqueur; it's an invitation to elevate your mixology endeavors, infusing each concoction with the vibrant essence of sun-kissed oranges and the sophistication of a well-crafted citrus spirit.

Strictly Kosher, not for Passover

Details: 15% ABV / 1L
Nose: lively burst of orange zest
Palate: a perfect balance of sweetness and zesty brightness, with harmonious notes of ripe oranges.
Finish: a refreshing and memorable trail of citrus elegance—a versatile delight in every sip.