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Ardbeg Supernova

  • 55.9% ABV
  • 700 ml

In the heart of Islay, where the wild winds carry tales of ancient traditions, the Ardbeg Distillery has summoned forth an extraordinary creation known as the Ardbeg Supernova Scotch Whiskey. A force of nature captured in a bottle, this limited-edition masterpiece is a sensory meteor shower that ignites the senses with its celestial intensity and captivating complexity.

Cloaked in a liquid darkness reminiscent of a starless night, the Ardbeg Supernova entrances the eye with its deep, alluring hue. The nose is greeted with an explosion of aromas that seem to have traversed galaxies to reach the glass. The first inhalation unleashes an interstellar storm of peat smoke, seemingly harnessed from the very core of Islay's ancient soils. This initial wave of smoke gives way to a symphony of sensations: waves crashing on rugged shores, earthy richness, and an undercurrent of spiced orchard fruits.

With the first sip, the palate is propelled into the stratosphere of taste. An intense burst of smoky sweetness engulfs the tongue, intertwining with the intricate dance of flavors that follow. Notes of vanilla, charred oak, and a touch of black pepper emerge like constellations against the night sky. Beneath these celestial flavors lies a subtle undertone of maritime saltiness, grounding the experience in the rugged terroir of Islay's coastline.

As the journey culminates, the finish is an echo of the Supernova's brilliance. Like the fading glimmers of a shooting star, the flavors linger, leaving behind traces of warm spices and a lingering peat smokiness that reverberates long after the last sip.

Ardbeg Supernova is a testament to the distillery's audacious exploration of flavor boundaries, capturing the essence of the cosmos in each drop. Crafted with expertise and innovation, it invites adventurers and aficionados to embrace the intensity of its celestial origins, offering a taste of the elemental forces that have shaped both Islay's landscape and Ardbeg's legacy.