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Les Roses Noires Languedoc 2021

Les Roses Noires Languedoc 2021 embodies the essence of elegance in winemaking. This wine is a proud creation of Les Roses Noires, a brand synonymous with a commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality and refinement. The 2021 vintage reflects the brand's dedication to the artistry of winemaking, capturing the unique terroir of the Languedoc region. With Les Roses Noires, each bottle is an invitation to experience the delicate balance of flavors and the floral nuances that define their distinctive approach to crafting wines that stand out in both character and style.

Kosher per Badatz Barcelona, non Mevushal

Details: Nom-mevushal / 750ml / under the supervision of Badatz of Barcelona.
Nose: A delicate floral aroma, intertwined with hints of red berries and a touch of herbs.
Palate: Notes of bright red fruit and subtle minerality create a harmonious palate.
Finish: Clean and vibrant, leaving a lingering impression of floral elegance and a subtle fruity sweetness.