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Single Apple Company Pilgrim's Tear 8 yr Calvados

The Single Apple Company was created to offer a modern vision of Calvados and attract the curiosity of spirits lovers, diverting them, if only for a moment from their usual choices.

The "Pilgrim's Tear" (Larme du Pellerin) from The Single Apple Company is a rich, clean 8 yr aged Apple Brandy (Calvados) and is 

The Calvados apple brandies offer an infinite wealth of flavors, with more than 200 varieties of apples referenced in the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlée, the French standard for high-quality traditional products) and the many soils and specificities that come into play in their production. Yet Calvados remains a rather confidential alcohol ...

To change the game, we want to think the Calvados differently. The heart of the project is the creation of an organ of flavors with single varietal apple spirits. Each will bring its flavor, its notes of bitterness and sweetness, to produce a singular monovarietal Calvados, or contribute to a mastered blend.

700 ML. 47% abv