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Smuggler's Barrel Jamaican Single Cask Rum 14 yr - Store Pick

This rum started its life in Jamaica, 100% Pot Still.  It found its way to Kentucky where it waited till it was 14 years in the wood.  Bottled at cask strength 58% ABV, we took down Cask 92 and store picked as the "Smuggler's Barrel".  This deep rich aged additive free rum gets its flavor and body from the Oak and not from the Cane.  Don't be afraid to pop a drop or two of water on the surface to open up its savor.

Rolling Fork Spirits is a bourbon distillery located in the heart of bourbon country in Springfield, Kentucky. The distillery was founded in 2014 by Mark and Cindy Mattingly, who were inspired by the rich history of bourbon in Kentucky and wanted to create their own high-quality spirits.

The name "Rolling Fork" comes from the nearby Rolling Fork River, which has long been an important water source for the area. The distillery uses local grains and limestone-filtered water to create their unique bourbons.

Rolling Fork Spirits is dedicated to using traditional distilling methods and techniques, and their bourbon is aged in new charred oak barrels to give it a rich, complex flavor. The distillery also produces other spirits, including rye whiskey and vodka.

In addition to producing spirits, Rolling Fork Spirits also offers tours and tastings of their facility. Visitors can see the entire distilling process, from the grain mash to the aging barrels, and learn about the history and traditions of bourbon in Kentucky.