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Tié Silver Cachaca

Although both rum and cachaca have many similarities, starting with the botanical source - sugarcane, they are very different in both process and flavor profile.

Cachaca is distilled only from freshly pressed sugarcane juice, and Rum uses fermented sugar cane extract.  Typically, both spirits are consumed straight from the still, but both also experience aging for some of their expressions.  Cachaca makes use of a wide range of Brazilian hardwoods fro barrels, giving it a heavy spice influence. 

Cachaca is the spirit used in the famed Caipirinha cocktail, and Rum is broadly used in mixed drinks.

Produced in a copper still following the best traditions of Minas Gerais and stored in stainless steel, Tiê Prata preserves the sweet aromas and flavors of the sugarcane, with a pleasant spiciness at the end. Excellent to be drunk pure and perfect in the composition of the most varied cocktails. It was considered one of the three best white cachaças in Brazil by the 2018 Cachaça Summit Ranking.