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Valandraud St Emilion Grand Cru 2004

History: Château Valandraud was established by Jean-Luc Thunevin and Murielle Andraud in the early 1990s. The name "Valandraud" is a combination of their last names, Thunevin and Andraud.
Classification: Château Valandraud started as a humble garage winery, and its initial success and quality led to it being considered a "garage wine." These were small-scale, boutique wineries producing exceptional wines with limited production and resources. Over time, Château Valandraud gained recognition and acclaim, and it was eventually classified as a Grand Cru in the Saint-Émilion classification system.
Winemaking Philosophy: The winery's approach to winemaking is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality. They focus on low yields, careful selection of grapes, and precise winemaking techniques.
Wine Style: Château Valandraud's wines are often described as opulent, rich, and concentrated. They tend to exhibit ripe fruit flavors, complex aromas, and a balance of tannins and acidity. The wines have the potential to age well and develop additional layers of complexity over time.
Innovation: Château Valandraud is known for its innovative practices and willingness to challenge traditional winemaking norms. This spirit of experimentation has contributed to the unique character of their wines.
Limited Production: Like many high-quality Bordeaux wines, Château Valandraud's production is relatively limited, making its wines sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.